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Most enterprises today are ill-equipped to keep up with the changes and sophistication of cyber attacks and the increase in security regulations and compliance demands. CYREBRO, the first smart Security Operations Center (SOC), can help. Whether you need tighten-up your security policies, develop an incident response (IR) program, or enlist a highly trained security experts CYREBRO can help.

CYREBRO®, was designed, built and is operated by Israel’s top Cybersecurity experts. In the past 5 years, we have built an elite team, consisting of hackers and crackers, Intelligence officers and IT security experts that bring together years of real field experience. Together, we built the world’s first SMART SOC. CYREBRO® is completely technology agnostic, catering to any and all of the leading security systems and software in the market. Enhancing the organization’s existing security posture with expert added capabilities without a need for any additional technology. CYREBRO® solution caters to organizations of all sizes from SMB to fortune 500.


CYREBRO provides tier 1-4 in house analyst capabilities and Incident Response teams. Also, CYREBRO has a dedicated Intelligence Team that constantly feeds our analysts with information on unique vulnerabilities, exploits, breaches and updated security information in realtime.

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Professional Services Team

Executes the customer’s onboarding phase until the SIEM is fully monitored and optimized.

Incident Response Team

Our IR team provides an immediate, effective, and skillful response to any critical cyber incident.

Tier 1-2 Team

Analysts stand at the heart of its operation, monitoring 24/7 the organization’s network traffic, devices, systems and applications for cyber-security events, and manage cyber incident events in near-real time.

Intelligence Team

Is responsible to constantly search, aggregate, analyze and report.

Tier 3-4 Team

Israel’s elite cyber experts with a unique attacker’s point of view.

Key Differentiators


Acts an extension to your security team while bolstering cyber defense capabilities, providing Israeli state level capabilities.

Constantly developing and improving new and relevant security tools and practices to help us it better serve our clients against emerging threats.

100% technology agnostic SOC as a Service. We can work with any incident, monitoring, or management system.

In-house teams for all level of expertise from T1 –T4 from monitoring, investigation, mitigation, hunting, forensics, and counter intelligence

Optimal efficiency and practical deliverables, not quantity of work, NO “EVENTS PER SECOND” pricing.

Propriety tools, designed by our in-house offensive team.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does CYREBRO provides 24 monitoring & detection?

Yes, CYREBRO solution includes 24/7, 365 Real-time, 24/7 organization monitoring of relevant traffic, events, devices, security systems, and application.

2. What does the Professional Services team in charge of?

CYREBRO professional services team manage the customer's onboarding and optimization process.

3. Do CYREBRO include an IR team?

Sure, CYREBRO has an in-house expert incident response team that is an essential part of the solution. All the forensic investigations and deep analysis are as part of CYREBRO service.

4. Who are the people behind CYREBRO?

CYREBRO was designed, build and operates by Israel top cybersecurity experts. CYREBRO is comprised of an experts team of hackers and crackers, all Intelligence officers and IT security experts that bring together years of field experience.

5. What does it mean an 'Attacker point of view'?

CYREBRO smart security operation center "Attacker point of view" is based on our hands-on experience of hacking and cracking. Throughout over 85 hacking simulations, offensive assessments and dozens of monitoring gap analysis we have NEVER been detected, effectively blocked or timely identified by a Security Operation Center, this led us to design and build a SOC from an attacker point of view, that will be able to detect and manage a real cyber incident.

6. How CYREBRO can helps my organization cybersecurity?

CYREBRO improves your organization real-time identification and response capabilities. Also, enhance your security monitoring and response capabilities from day one.